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Community, learning and being creative are all important to me. I strive to add value to the world. My interests are varied, but include coloring mandalas, walking labyrinths, Contra dancing, karaoke, hiking, art projects, public speaking and basically being a participant. I volunteer as a literacy tutor year round and help out in various areas of need in my neighborhood, such as picking up litter. I have two blogs through Blogger, one about the Rivoli Park Labyrinth ( and one about the Rivoli Park Neighborhood (

Many Hands

Thank you to Shawndra Miller for volunteering for this project and for allowing me to guest blog about it on her site, I am reblogging it here to start a neighborhood blog of projects and places that engage the community.

Shawndra Miller

Lisa Boyles, who turned a vacant lot into a beautiful meditation space and labyrinth, is coordinating a new project in her neighborhood. Her energy and drive are truly inspiring. In fact, when I read that she spent part of her birthday volunteering, it moved me to spend part of my birthday helping with her latest project. Check out what she’s up to in today’s guest post.

Guest post by Lisa Boyles

Imagine people of all ages working together to improve their neighborhood. Think of a city unified through installations of art painted by community members. By designing a series of geometric projects, Andrew Severns has a vision for public art in the city of Indianapolis that can accomplish these things.

Artist Andrew Severns outlines the design for the mural at E 10th and N Sherman Dr. Artist Andrew Severns outlines the design for the mural at E 10th and N Sherman Dr.

He says that the geometric uniformity among murals and other pieces of art…

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